Move over, 707: Solano County is getting a new area code


(Stock image, Graphic by Solano NewsNet)

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) says Solano County and other areas of Northern California will soon have a new area code as the existing supply of 707 numbers starts to dwindle.

The new area code, 369, will serve as an “overlay” for areas served by 707, the CPUC announced in June.

Solano NewsNet previously reported the CPUC was weighing an additional area code for parts of Northern California served by the 707 area code after the agency determined the supply of available 707 numbers would become exhausted by late 2023.

After a meeting in November, the CPUC ultimately settled on 369 as the second area code that will serve customers in Solano County and other parts of the region that are served by the 707 area code.

People and businesses who currently have a 707 phone number will be able to keep that number and transfer it between phone companies. But new phone customers who need a number, or those who want to change their existing number, will eventually get one that starts with 369.

Last year, the FCC required a full 10-digit number to be dialed when placing local or long distance calls. That move means Solano County phone customers will have to dial 707 or 369 when making a local call, even if they have a number with that area code.

For that reason, the CPUC is recommending people provide a full number with area code when people ask for it. They also suggest people update their contact lists, speed dial presets and contact security alarm companies to include the area codes of phone numbers.

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